hygienic Porcelain stoneware gres


The natural surface of the porcelain stoneware gres has always been the best synonym of healthiness and can be cleaned very easily.
These features permit a wide usage even in domestic settings, ensuring the highest health conditions.
Light Porcelain stoneware gres


In comparison with other materials with the same use, Qualimax® astonishes for its lightness.
Oversize Porcelain stoneware gres


Thanks to the technology of latest generation Qualimax® is produced in the extraordinary format 300x150 cm which changes the way of conceiving the surfaces.
Strong and resistant Porcelain stoneware gres

Strong and resistant

In the HI-TECH solution, patented by Marmotex, Qualimax® can ensure the strongest resistance and ductility in every use.
Natural Porcelain stoneware gres


Qualimax® Natural is produced with natural high quality raw materials through a process of sintering at high temperatures, with total respect for the environment.